Medlog is the new denomination of MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company for the logistics cargo operation in Portugal. The brand, presented today at the Electricity Museum, replaces the previous CP Cargo – Logistics and Cargo Railway Transports SA, after the privatization process concluded last January.

According to Carlos Vasconcelos, Chairman of Medlog Portugal, “the creation of this new brand sets the beginning of a new cycle, with new values and attributes, where we intend to preserve the history of CP Cargo, looking for its new future on MSC’s universe. We want to offer reliable services, keeping the partnership with our clients. The business strategy will focus on the enlargement of the activity, offering integrated logistics and transport solutions.” 

The spokesman of the company also confirms that “this moment reflects an important step for a more valuable market positioning.”

The rebranding of the portuguese transporter was one of the obligations established on the tender specifications of the open competition for the acquisition of 95% of the company’s assets, of which MSC Rail – subsidiary of MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company SA – won. 

That was why this meant a priority for the new companies’ management, along with the optimization of the train slots and the development and reinforcement of synergies with the portuguese seaports and dry ports.  In addition to this operational restructure, the company has recently negotiated the rental of four new locomotives.

In parallel, the new management has been working to put in practice a growth and development strategy projected for the company, taking advantage of the portuguese railway potential. Also, there is already been considered an expansion of this project to Spain, putting Medlog on the race to become the largest cargo and logistics operator in the Iberian Peninsula. 

The denomination presented today, results from the adaptation of a suggestion made by one of the 550 employees, during a competition launched internally. Medlog is committed with all the employees, that are motivated in this integration process on MSC’s family and aligned with the growth strategy put into effect

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