MEDWAY is the brand with which the former CP Cargo will operate, from this day on, in the national market. 

With the expectancy of becoming the largest logistics operator in the Iberian Peninsula, MEDWAY’s strategy envisions the extension of the activity, either downstream or upstream, offering integrated transport and logistics solutions and expanding their activity in Spain.

In may this year, the company presented to the market the denomination of MEDLOG, brand with which the group MSC already develops its logistics business at a global level, and of which it is the legal holder. Nevertheless, due to the existence of another company working in Portugal with the same identity, the board decided to adopt a new designation, to clarify any mistake and consolidate its presence in the portuguese sector. 

According to Carlos Vasconcelos, Chairman of MEDWAY, “the change in the denomination doesn’t affect the strategy defined during the privatization, so our ambitious path is unaltered and counts already with some achievements, with the optimization of the train slots and the development and reinforcement of synergies with the portuguese seaports and dry ports. We are confident that the work that has been developed internally will continue to strengthen our main goal, to turn MEDWAY into the largest cargo and logistics operator at an Iberian level”. 

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