MEDWAY and RENFE inaugurate today the operation of the Mérida Terminal to Portugal

Today leaves, Thursday, the first locomotive of the Terminal of Mérida, destined to Portugal. This first circulation is the result of a partnership between MEDWAY and RENFE, which started to operate the Terminal since last November 15.

Comprised of 22 wagons and a length of 460 meters, this convoy carries 1,190 gross tons of small products, namely tomato and glass concentrate, on a journey that is expected to last for about 9 hours.

This composition arrived from Portugal on Tuesday to be loaded during the day yesterday (Wednesday) and from the Terminal to the first hour today (Thursday), bound for Bobadela.

For transportation, RENFE uses a 333 series locomotive to train the train and, once it has crossed the border, will be the new EURO4000 from MEDWAY, which will take it to its destination. The necessary developments are in progress so that in the future these trips can be made entirely by the EURO4000, thus preventing trains from changing traction.

Weekly links

In a first phase, this will be a service between the national ports (Sines, Lisbon and Setúbal) and the dry port of Mérida, with two weekly connections that will extend first to three, although with the objective of reaching the six. In the future, it is also intended to extend this service to other locations in Spain and Portugal.

According to Carlos Vasconcelos, Administrator of MEDWAY, "this is an important step in MEDWAY's strategy of action that intends to extend the activity to Spain."

Given the export capacity of the region of Extremadura, the two companies are already working on the possibility of transporting frozen food products in their own containers, having as final destination the international market.

Bet on the economy estremenha

In an unprecedented partnership, MEDWAY and RENFE will ensure the operation of the Mérida Terminal for a concession period of five years, which may be renewed for another two years.

The objective of this business is to create a platform to receive and deliver goods, namely containers, that serve the entire Spanish region, offering the market conditions of greater proximity to facilitate imports and exports of that area.

The Mérida Railroad Terminal of Merchandise has approximately 21,000 m2, 3 lines, one of 360 meters and two of 260 meters. The space also has an office building with 180 m2.

By the end of the year, MEDWAY and RENFE expect to reach 20,000 tons of goods transported through this new service.

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