MEDWAY and RENFE win concession for the S. Lázaro Merchandise Rail Terminal

In an unprecedented partnership, MEDWAY and RENFE will begin to operate, as of November 15, the operation of the Railway Terminal for Merchandise S. Lázaro, in Mérida. The concession period is five years and may be renewed for another period.

According to Carlos Vasconcelos, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MEDWAY, "the objective of this business is to create a platform to receive and deliver goods, namely containers, that serve the entire Spanish region, offering the market conditions of greater proximity to facilitate imports and exports in that area ".

According to the same spokesman, "this announcement also reinforces our objective to grow and develop our activity in Spain, creating strong alliances with our partners. We are very pleased with the result and with the partnership we signed. "

The Railway Terminal of Goods of S. Lázaro has approximately 22,000 m2, 3 lines its reactivation means that the shippers will have an additional service to transport their goods, being able to open new routes towards Madrid, Valencia, Algeciras and Huelva.

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