MEDWAY baptizes 4 new locomotives and officially enters the Spanish market

MEDWAY baptized last Saturday, July 1, the 4 new diesel EURO4000 locomotives that will be part of the company from now on. Matilde, Adriana, Sara and Marina will be operating from September and are an important step for the expansion of the company's activity, since they will be fundamental in the connections between Portugal and Spain.

This € 15 million investment represents MEDWAY's official entry into the Spanish market, a strategic step announced at the time of the privatization of the company and now implemented. "To increase the lines of action and the offer of services, according to the needs of our customers, were initially set goals to be achieved by investing in the modernization of machinery and innovation, to take this project across borders, gaining competitiveness in the market. We therefore continue to ensure the growth of our project through internal investments and the maintenance of the fruitful working relationships and collaboration we have with our Spanish partners, "said Carlos Vasconcelos, Chairman of the MEDWAY Board of Directors.

MEDWAY had announced in May 2016 the long-term operating lease contract of four interoperable diesel EURO4000. Built in Valencia, the locomotives allow trains between Portugal and Spain without having to change traction, since they are equipped with the common radio signal to Portugal and Spain. The EURO4000 are proven successful equipment in the Iberian market, which also allow low CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, which contributes to meeting the greenhouse gas reduction targets set by the European Union.

The names of the new locomotives were given by the 4 oldest collaborators of MEDWAY. As is the practice in the MSC Group - which assigns female names to employees' relatives - the Administration decided to replicate the initiative to the logistics and transport company. Matilde, Adriana, Sara and Marina are two daughters and two granddaughters of four collaborators invited to enter the history of the company.

"The initiative has always been very well received at MSC and we wanted to give the same privilege to MEDWAY employees. Thus, the long journey of each of these railways in the company takes on a new dimension and its presence in the company's daily life is perpetuated in a peculiar way, "concludes Carlos Vasconcelos.

MEDWAY now has a fleet of 68 locomotives.


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