MEDWAY baptizes 4 new locomotives with names of family of collaborators

MEDWAY will baptise the four new EURO4000 diesel locomotives that will be part of the company starting next month with the names of the daughters and granddaughters of the company's oldest employees.

As is the practice in the MSC Group - which attributes female names to employees' relatives - the MEDWAY Administration decided to replicate the initiative to the logistics and rail transport company and invited these 4 employees to participate in the challenge and to enter the history of company.

"MSC is a family business that values the bonds that are created. MEDWAY applies this policy on a daily basis and, in the face of the arrival of new equipment to our family, we decided to adopt the initiative. Our children and grandchildren are our main legacy in life and our employees will be remembered for many years in our company ", explains Carlos Vasconcelos, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MEDWAY.

MEDWAY had announced last year the long-term operating lease of four EURO4000 interoperable diesel, signed in Madrid in May 2016, with Alpha Trains, which acquired them from the manufacturer Stadler Rail.

This reinforcement of the company's fleet, now with 68 locomotives, represents an investment of 15 million euros and an important step for the expansion of the company's activity, since this equipment will be fundamental in the connections between Portugal and Spain.

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