MEDWAY connects Madrid to Valencia

A few days after receiving the Safety Certificate as a Rail Operator to operate in the neighboring Country, the first MEDWAY container train with connection between Madrid and Valencia departed on Thursday.

Composed of 38 wagons and with a length of 550 meters, this composition transported 76 teu, in a trip that lasted about 7 hours, arriving in Valencia this morning.

For transportation, MEDWAY uses one of its new EURO4000 locomotives.

With five weekly round-trip links, Carlos Vasconcelos, Administrator of MEDWAY, is very pleased with this important step in MEDWAY's action strategy in Spain and states that "this is the first connection we make between two Spanish cities but it certainly will not be the only. We are sure that after this route, we will have new and more opportunities that will allow us to continue to strengthen our position in the Iberian market. "

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