MEDWAY hires 36 new operators

MEDWAY has just announced the hiring of 36 new operators in various areas of the country, particularly for Leixões, Gaia, Pampilhosa, Souselas, Louriçal, Entroncamento, Bobadela, Poceirão, Praias do Sado and Penalva. The hiring for these locations responds to the need to attend to the volume and also the dispersion of activity at the national level.

For these new hires, specific and exclusive training was provided for the functions, with a total of 318 hours, of which 80 were dedicated specifically to practical training. This is an area of ​​enormous relevance and criticality to the safety of the activity which explains the strong practical component of this training.

According to Carlos Vasconcelos, Administrator of MEDWAY: "This recruitment process is also part of MEDWAY's strategic plan for the coming years, which, in addition to expanding the number of employees, provides for significant investments in equipment, as well as support structures for activity."

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