MEDWAY opens 30 new places for maneuver operators

MEDWAY has just announced the opening of a process to hire 30 new operators in various areas of the country, namely Leixões, Gaia, Pampilhosa, Souselas, Louriçal, Alfarelos, Entroncamento, Bobadela, Poceirão, Praias do Sado and Penalva. 

The recruitment process will be in progress until next 15 March 2018.

Schooling equivalent to the 12th grade is required and available to work in shifts, with residence near one of the places where the recruitment is open.

According to Carlos Vasconcelos, Administrator of MEDWAY: "The hiring of new employees to various locations in the country is another confirmation of the growth and strengthening of MEDWAY throughout the country."

This process is part of the company's recruitment plan for the next two years.

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