MEDWAY opens 58 new jobs

MEDWAY has just received the Safety Certificate as a Rail Operator in Spain, thus being able to start operating in the neighboring Country. After a lengthy process, which lasted almost a year, MEDWAY is thus now authorized to circulate in the Spanish market.

According to Carlos Vasconcelos, Administrator of MEDWAY, "this is an important step in MEDWAY's action strategy, which intends to extend the activity to Spain. The arrival of this certificate is a new and memorable moment in the history of the company and the Portuguese railway sector. After 160 years of railway history, Portugal finally has a Rail Operator with an Iberian dimension. It is also a strong demonstration of our commitment to the Portuguese State of internationalization of Medway, being another goal successfully achieved.

Along with the arrival of the four EURO 4000, Medway has an unrivaled ability and flexibility to transport goods by rail, allowing even border crossings without traction changes.

The arrival of the safety certificate was the final step.

Since July MEDWAY already has an office in the heart of Madrid with commercial and operational aspects aimed at the Spanish market.

With this certificate, Medway will start new routes through the Iberian Peninsula, thus extending the geographical scope of its activity, reinforcing existing partnerships, with a view to sustained growth.

During the next few months it expects to start up new operations.

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