MEDWAY opens the renewed work center in Leixões

Yesterday was the opening of the renewed MEDWAY’s work center in Leixões, that suffered a requalification to improve the working conditions of the eight employees that operate there. During this opening, a commemorative plaque was unveiled by 7 members of the Working Commission, Pedro Manuel Barbosa Ferreirim, Rui Gabriel Gonçalves Acácio, Rogério de Sousa Brito, Pedro Ricardo dos Santos Dâmaso, Carlos Manuel Oliveira Gaudêncio, Orlando José da Silva Santos and Mário Manuel Pinto.

The rehabilitation of the facilities was considered a priority for the company’s management, due to the strategical impact that this center, located near the railway terminal has, on MEDWAY’s daily operation.

Works lasted about three month and included a new cafeteria, changing rooms, shower rooms, operational backup room, as well as the water network repair, electricity, sanitation, wall painting and new doors.  

Carlos Vasconcelos, Chairman of MEDWAY confirms that “the work center in Leixões plays a very important role for MEDWAY because of its proximity form the port. Besides that, when we took the lead of the company, we committed to improve the working places of our employees and their feedback has been extremely positive. This was the first refurbishment done but we plan to apply this requalification to all other working centers.  

The strategy of expanding the activity in MEDWAY, either downstream or upstream, implies an investment in each working center and the reinforcement of the synergies either with seaports and dry ports. For the sustainable growth of both rail and logistics operation, other rehabilitation projects throughout the country are expected during the next year.

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