MEDWAY signs agreement with 13 unions

MEDWAY has just signed the Business Agreement with 13 of the 14 railroad unions: ASCEF, FENTCOP, SIFA, SINAFE, SINDEFER, SINFA, SINFESE, SIOFA, SITRENS, SNAQ, SNTSF, STF.

After a lengthy process, which lasted for about two years, MEDWAY can finally lay the groundwork so that the company's activity can flourish in a positive way and with the support of all the interested parties.

According to Carlos Vasconcelos, Administrator of MEDWAY, "this is an important step for the company because it reflects the spirit of understanding and cooperation that we always defend. We are extremely pleased with the accession of the trade unions, which shows a high level of cooperation and responsibility between all parties. We look forward to continuing to count on the collaboration of all to support and assist us in the future. "

"This is an established goal since the MEDWAY acquisition in January 2016, so this Agreement is a special reason for us to rejoice. It is also a starting point, so that we can work together to build a better future for the company, making it more sustainable, with benefits for those who work there, for its customers and for the national economy in general " , concludes the spokesman.

Creating the stable basis for jointly developing the company for the benefit of all is the main and greatest benefit of the agreement signed today, April 3, in Lisbon.

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