The web site of MEDWAY, has some areas that are only accessible by registered users. The data collected through the registration is intended solely for the use of Medway, and guaranteed privacy and protection of data entered by users. The personal data of our customers are provided voluntarily and will not be disclosed to third parties. In order to provide a more personalized, it also uses "cookies" to collect and store information. A "cookie" is a small information file that is placed on your computer that lets you remember your choices, dates and routes the previous site. According to Portuguese law, all users are entitled to access, update, correct or delete your personal data, and to do so contact the medway. MEDWAY undertakes to adopt the security measures necessary to ensure the protection of personal data of its users against possible misuse or against unauthorized access. This privacy policy may be changed without notice. For further information, please contact info@medway.comThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.