Values and Principles

We offer freight transport logistics solutions throughout the Iberian Peninsula which, based on customer focus, operative efficiency, sustainability and respect for the environment, ensure customer satisfaction through domestic and international partnerships to create value for the shareholder, employee improvements and contributes towards the growth of the sector.

In carrying out its Mission, our company is guided by the following principles that form the foundations of its Quality and Environmental Policy:

• To implement and keep an Integrated Quality and Environmental Quality System, in accordance with the normative references NP EN ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality) and NP EN ISO 14001: 2015 (Environment), ensuring compliance with all applicable requirements including current legislation and regulations, as well as all voluntary commitments and the continuous improvement of their effectiveness;

• To be a benchmark for the Iberian transport market, ensuring the sustainability of the activity and to constantly and continuously create value for customers, the shareholder and workers;

• To effectively inform its customers, workers, suppliers and stakeholders of its environmental protection and pollution prevention commitments;

• To minimise the environmental aspects of its activity and properly manage all waste, reduce noise levels, boost energy efficiency and improve pollution prevention and control;

• To encourage closer bonds with suppliers and business partners to ensure ever better quality of the services it provides;

• To regularly assess its customers’ needs and expectations, trying to offer the kind of services they are looking for;

• To strive towards worker satisfaction, thus stimulating initiative and motivation.