Initial training course for "train guards" starts in January


In partnership with MEDWAY, Fernave will launch on January 2, 2019, in Lisbon, the Initial Training Course for Train Guard Agents (approved by IMT).

MEDWAY ensures the practical, curricular, park and itinerary internship, as well as the immediate employment of 6 of the best graduates of the course.

With the frequency of this course and its approval, trainees are given the skills to collaborate with the driver to ensure compliance with train composition, loading and braking regulations and traffic regulations, contributing to rail service security, are certified professionals, if they are approved in the final exam in the IMT that will issue the respective Letter of Train Track Agent.

These professionals can perform the function of train guards, in the national railway operators, mainly of goods, where they can complement, by means of specific training actions, the qualification in the itineraries where these operators, provide their services / activity.

As prerequisites for entering the initial training course of train guards, applicants must have: a minimum of 20 years of age, complete compulsory minimum education, medical and psychological aptitude, proven (carried out by examinations, carried out by an entity recognized by the IMT).

The course has a total duration of 558 hours, of which 40 hours correspond to a practical curricular internship, which will end at the end of April, followed by the professional examination in the IMT.

Registration ends on November 21th.

For further information, please contact: + 351 21 10 20 690 

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